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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ladies, the big day is finally here!  If you are a woman who works in industry or trades, or if you are one of those hands-on women who likes to get here hands dirty, then come on down and climb up into The Chick Truck.

Location:  1498 Island Highway 19A, first road on the right heading north past Home Depot.  The truck will be set-up on the grass, boots are welcome!!

When:  June 2nd-June7th, 2015

Hours of Operation:  

  • Tuesday to Friday - 7:00AM-7:00PM
  • Saturday - 9:00AM-7:00PM
  • Sunday - 9:00AM-5:00PM

PS: Bring a picture of yourself at work to help me decorate the rig!                               


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The trailer is complete and the process of inventorying and stocking is in progress.  Of course, like everything else with this unique business venture, the process is not normal. After a pretrip to town last week when all the shelving of the boot rack bounced out of place, (and no! I did not go over a curb, I am a professional driver, LOL!) the realization set in that EVERYTHING must be bolted, tied and bungied down.  I should have bought stocks in bungies!!

As far as setting up "On Location" I am in the process of organizing first stops.  For any ladies waiting to climb up into the truck and get some work gear, thank you for your patience.  This is quite an undertaking, in fact, this is the only of its kind in Noth America.  Audrey

 Funny, when I was I little girl I spent more time building tree forts and digging clams on the beach with my 3 older brothers than playing with dolls, and now I'm all grown up, I am playing with my own life-size doll!! My mannequin (I've named her Sally, she will be riding shotgun in the Chick Truck while on the road!) is wearing some really cool gear.  

-She is wearing the only women's designed high visibility vest that's CSA approved. It is from Pioneer, based out of Vancouver. I have it in orange, yellow, pink and black.

-When I say her pants are cool, I am not joking.  Coolworks, Canadian owned and Ontario based, have these amazing industrial strength, yet ventilated and lighweight pants.  If you look you can see the option on one of Sally's legs of the tear-resistant mesh from the zip off leg cover. These are unisex, so guys are welcome to come and check them out as well. I told you, COOL!

-Last, but very not least, Sally is wearing Moxie Trades pink Alice boot. Moxie Trades was founded by Canadian Marissa McTasney. She has designed some fantastic work boots for us ladies.  This Alice boot is industrial, waterproof, steel toe and CSA approved.  I have them in tan as well, and they are already loaded on the boot rack!

As for me, well I have some pretty fantastic gear on as well.  I am wearing Covergalls.  OMG are they wild!  Another female Canadian owned company, Alicia Woods designed these coveralls with a rear opening.  The design is comfortable, with the back opening being part of the waist line.  I found I can move and work with ease in them, bending and climbing easily as opposed to struggling with the XSmall men's coveralls which always droop and and are just too bulky.  I have these in the Navy you see and in orange Flame Resistant with 4" CSA high visibility reflective striping.  

And yes, those are tiny calk boots!!  I have not been able to find true women's designed calk boots for you forestry ladies, but I have been able to bring in very small sizes from the east coast.  I am wearing a men's 4 (I have men's 5 and 6 as well).  It seems some of the work wear we need is not made specifically for women, so I am carrying some men's wear with options of the smallest sizes I can find.


So the fun shall begin soon.  I am still waiting for some precious cargo to arrive.  I love the idea of finding and supporting Canadians, but I also believe women should have every option to be comfortable while out there working in industry or trades. I also believe encouraging and supporting women in non-traditional jobs holds no boundaries, it is international.  We are Everywhere Doing Everything.  So, I have a very special surprise coming all the way from down under................


Monday, April 6, 2015

Very pleased to announce the trailer has passed the electrical system inspection and commercial vehicle inspection with flying colours!!  I am good to go anywhere in BC.  In the final stages of finishing work and getting insured.  Will be rolling down the highway very soon. CAN'T WAIT!  Audrey


Sunday, March 22, 2015

I am thrilled to announce the trailer passed its electical installation inspection on Friday! Thank you Shawn and Travis Colgan Electrical Co Ltd. It is set up like a mobile home or marine electrical system.  It took quite a bit of research to establish power and equipment needs, thank you for your patience with me guys!  I have landed up with a 12 volt system for LED lighting, heating and 12 volt plug-ins, a 2000 watt Xantrex pure sine wave inverter to run my computer and electronic systems (as well as be able to handle an air conditioner in summer and more heating in winter), 840 amps of battery bank storage under the trailer, and a Honda EU3000is generator to keep me powered up when I am parked on location. 

Also completed final coats on the floor this week. It turned out fabulous and it would interesting to know the history of all the different scars the life of the trailer experienced.  I believe it spent most of its delivery days in Vancouver, it is a 2000 Manic dry freight van.  




Monday, March 2, 2015

Ceiling and window in place. Working on the walls, flooring and exterior battery and generator boxes.  Exterior solar lights and vent fans help battery usage and the environment. Many thanks to my amazing husband Doug. Very excited at the prospect of being able to roll into your community with the Chick Truck soon! Audrey