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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My year has been so crazy.  The idea of this business came to me while delivering shotcrete in the concete truck I used to drive to our local mine.  My ongoing wrist injury had me searching for a new pathway in life. Wow, and now to be receving an award, I am overwhelmed.  Here is a link for all the businesses that won and I am so honoured to have even been nominated!

Being a one-woman show, I am very very busy.  It is a moment by moment decision about prioritizing what is the most important task at hand.  I always give the girls (the women out there working in industry or trades who come in to see me or who contact me) priority and my undivided attention. Our connections and understanding for each others challenges, as well as triumphs, motivate me always. 

I would like the world out there to know that I do all my own work.  Whether that means posting on my webpage, Twitter or Facebook or getting underneath my truck and trailer and greasing.  One minute I am gearing down my 14,000 KG on a steep grade in the Pine Pass, and the next minute I am trying to find a supplier who carries a particular type of women's glove that a female welder is looking for to do her job. I organize my trips, inventory and business accounts on my own, and I have been lucky enough to have some great suppliers believe in me and what I am doing to be willing to take on a little fish in a huge sea of big box stores that seem to dominate the economy now.  I think of myself as being like that peddler you used to always see in the cowboy movies who travelled around with his horse-drawn carriage selling his wares (except I have a Kenworth and Cummins engine to pull my load!)

Exhaustion sets in occasionally, I miss my husband, and challenges arrise like having to scare away the bad guys and call 911 because those bad guys are trying to steal my generator at 4 in the morning!  But then I have moments like now.  I am set up at the Casino in Fort St. John with time for a cup of tea and I giggle to myself at the last 3 women who came in.  Three electricians who work together.  They were so enthusiastic and excited; about their work and about being in the Chick Truck.  Their enthusiasm pushes me foward!  Wish I could get a picture of the three of them in their Stanfields they all bought with my logo on them. If you ever read this girls, please send me a pic!