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Thursday, April 23, 2015

AWESOME: AN ACTION PLAN TO ENCOURAGE AND RETAIN MORE WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY.  In this article, the Canadian Association of Women in Construction has embarked on a 36 month project supported with $249,000 of federal funding.  At the symposium there was a panel addressing the issues and concerns facing women, as well as looking towards the future and what can be done.  I like the president of Anchor Shoring & Caissons Ltd.'s  Dawn Tattle with her words "I think one of the big humour and having a thick skin."  I can relate. If you keep things on a lighter side rather than get defensive or offended while on the job site, it helps.  As well, to me having a tough skin means you accept that everyone, male or female, faces challenges on the work site and you find a way to let go of the fear that what happens, the challenges you face or what goes wrong happens because you are female. We tend to be sensitive, which makes us great employees, but we can take it to heart too much.  Audrey