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Bringing work and outer wear to women who work in industry, trades, mining, forestry, aquaculture or construction and to women who are outdoor enthusiasts on the west coast.

We are Everywhere Doing Everything. Lets be ourselves, be comfortable out there and prosper. The more of us that are out there working in industry and trades, the more natural and accepted it is. 1 woman on a job site stands out, 10 of us are just part of the crew. Lets make our presences known.



Who am I and what is this about

This is an exclusive personal shopping experience for women in communities on the west coast of Canada. My name is Audrey Rippingale and I am founder/owner/truck driver of this mobile business based out of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. My history is driving trucks and running equipment and I have been a part of the trades for decades now. My own frustration at not being able to find work wear had me thinking it was time someone did something about this issue. So when an ongoing wrist injury prevented me from continuing to drive concrete trucks, which I enjoyed doing for Island Ready Mix for the previous eight years, I realized the time to do something had come. This crossroads in life got my creativity flowing and the business was born. I travel the west coast with my Kenworth and converted semi-trailer which sets up as a store filled with women's industrial work, safety and outer wear.  

Here is an interview with CBC Radio North in May 2016 while I was in Terrace, BC. The interview covers who I am, what I am all about and the issues that us women working in industry and trades can face when it comes to getting work wear that is functional for us. 

"CBC Daybreak North" by host Carolina de Ryk - Audio

My story is also wonderfully summed up by CTV Vancouver Island News when Lisa Perry did a segment on my truck. The only thing I would add to the interview is that pink is not "my theme". I do carry some pink PPE because women have requested it, but I carry a wide range of all types of women's work, safety and outer wear.  I am very proud to run my own trucking business and to help women working in trades and industry get what they need to get their jobs done.

Friday, April 29, 2016

My trucking career has turned into a whirl-wind of desparately trying to find you ladies what you need to do all the amazing jobs you do out there and then getting my butt and my truck to you!! But I absolutely love it and I wouldn't want to be doing anyting else!.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

I have finalized 5 locations for my first trip off the island this year. As follow in order - Creston, Cranbrook, Sparwood, Nelson and Castlegar.  Five weeks on the road, I am coming ladies. I am thrilled that one of the locations will be at a college (Selkirk College in Nelson).

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

BC Hydro and BC Chamber of Commerce are hosting Business-to-Business Networking Sessions in northern BC communites.  Do you run your own business?  Remember there will be a wide variety of work involved with the project creating thousands of jobs.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

If there is anyone out there who might question my authenticity about being a woman working in trades or industry, I would like to share the events of my final day of operation 2015.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

It is fitting I end my travels up north in Dawson Creek.  It has that same small-town BC feel here as it does in my home town Campbell River.  The people are respectful and hard-working, and although it has not been the busiest of all my stops, I know I will find a way in my future to make it bac

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Hey ladies, I have added Fox Creek to my calendar, which means I will be in Dawson Creek a week later.  Fox Creek October 27 to November 1.  Dawson Creek November 3 to Nomber 7.

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